The world of Euna is dominated by the multi-racial Qin Empire. Hundreds of years ago, the Island now simply known as “Qin” was conquered in its entirety by the Warlord Delkar Qin and his sons. In the generations that followed, the expansionist Emperors forged an alliance with the Mountain Dwarves of Milondar and subjugated the primitive people of the northern forests and plains. Forays into The Viper Wilds cost the army of Qin dearly, as disease proved more deadly even than the hostile lizard folk tribes. Eventually, Seafarers in search of new lands to exploit discovered the Isles of Hate. The Isles’ vicious inhabitants seemed locked in a never-ending internal struggle for the Island chain’s meager resources. With the army never fully rebuilt following losses over many years in The Viper Wilds, Milondar fully in hand, and the Isles of Hate not worth fighting for, the Empire of Qin has slowly grown complacent.